Paradise Group of Companies and PEMRA UK Ltd are highly reputed and leading companies. Based in London, it is the first-ever company with such a wide range of offices. It is the mother company of the Paradise group which boasts diverse businesses across the board. The company offers online sales services to a wide range of clients.

The company reaches its clients through networks like eBay, Amazon and Ali Baba. Opting the most modern and sophisticated digitalized system PEMRA UK Ltd executes and deals in international as well as local trading.

DS Disinfect is our core product which has greatly helped in the fight against COVID-19. Based on the most modern technological system, DS Disinfect covers and eliminates all sorts of bacterias, fungi, and viruses especially the COVID 19. Because of its brisk system and execution, DS Disinfect has proved its efficiency manifold. DS Disinfect helps to fight the COVID 19.  

Round the clock services of PEMRA UK Ltd across the country since its establishment has bestowed a name of reliability amongst competitors.

Permra-UK LTD  deals in the following: 

1: Wholesale trading

2:  E-commerce

3:  Pre-order/booking for import-export 

4: Medical equipment

   a: Gloves

   b: mask

   c: sanitizers 

   d: gowns( reusable, disposable )

   e: Hand sanitizer dispenser

   f: Personal Protective Equipment of all kinds   g:  visor 

   h: electrical hand sanitizer      

  5: All food commodities

  6:  vegetable fruits

   7:  All spices ,oil (olive oil, sun flour, pam oil, soya beans oil)

Rice, maize, Meat, salt, sugar  

  8: All sports and body fitness stuff

 9: mobiles and mobile accessory 

10: All daily use products 

12: leather garments 

13: man and women garments

14: all textile stuff


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


wow! a wonderful site i ever seen. fast service

Alizba Khan

This is Aliza Khan, i from Manchester . I bought many things from PMERA and i am very happy being a part of PEMRA

Mr. Russell

I Like, they are offering high speed delivery on time and products quality is beyond my expectation.
Thanks PMERA
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