• Disposable Protective Mask

    50 pieces of Disposable Protective Mask.

    Three layers of protection.

    Es Tasteless non woven fabric.

    Effective isolation of bacteria.

    Prevent pollen allergy.

    Skin friendly material. Comfort to prevent allergies.

    Spandex flat ear rope. Easier to wear.


  • Sanitizing Dispenser


    Most of the dispensers out there in the market place are pump operated, with buttons or plungers. It means everyone that uses the dispensers touches them, that defeats the object!

    Our dispenser systems are touchless, so no contact! Avoiding risks of zero level of contamination.

    Our dispensers are configured to dispense the perfect quantity of hand gel to clean your hands, avoiding the cost of wasted gel. The integrated drip tray ensures no lost gel on your floor!

    The stands are robust yet light, easy to relocate to where you need them, flexible to the trading conditions.

    Moisturising Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser

    This is 70% alcohol formulated using WHO guidelines. It also features a moisturising effect, different to gels commonly sold in the market. Shoppers visiting multiple stores in a day face the problem of dry and cracked skin caused by the drying effect of the sub standared hand gels. Pamper your clients and encourage them to visit your shop! Ours is very high quality.

    ETHACLEAN comes in 5 litre stackable industrial-grade tanks. These are safer, take up less floor space and can be placed outside. These don’t require extra packaging unlike lighter weight containers, that would require cartons and indoor storage.

    One 5 litres tank holds 30,000+ doses of hand rub gel. We are aiming for this to be the highest quality hand sanitiser yet the most cost competitive product in the market.


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Customer Reviews


wow! a wonderful site i ever seen. fast service

Alizba Khan

This is Aliza Khan, i from Manchester . I bought many things from PMERA and i am very happy being a part of PEMRA

Mr. Russell

I Like Pemra.co.uk, they are offering high speed delivery on time and products quality is beyond my expectation.
Thanks PMERA
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