Maximize your savings and sustainability with these unbleached, grease proof
paper sheets with a chromium-free, multi-bake release. Protect your trays by
using this baking paper, it will not only make washing up a lot
easier, but it also prevents products from sticking to trays, allowing them to be removed
with ease. This particular paper is constructed from unbleached brown paper with a nonstick silicone coating on both sides. Suitable for use with cakes and pastries.

100% chlorine -free natural Kraft paper for use in temperatures up to 425 degrees
Fahrenheit/218 degrees Celsius. Kraft paper made from 50% post-consumer content.


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


wow! a wonderful site i ever seen. fast service

Alizba Khan

This is Aliza Khan, i from Manchester . I bought many things from PMERA and i am very happy being a part of PEMRA

Mr. Russell

I Like, they are offering high speed delivery on time and products quality is beyond my expectation.
Thanks PMERA
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